1. rich, affluent, prosperous, moneyed, well-off, well-to-do, forehanded, silk-stocking; worth a great deal, Inf. worth a bundle, in the money, Sl. in the bucks, in the chips, Sl. loaded, made of money, Inf. rolling in dough; in clover, Sl. on easy street, in easy circumstances, comfortable, Inf. not hurting, Inf. in velvet; with money to burn, Sl. stinking, Sl. stinking or filthy rich, weighed down by diamonds; with the key to the bank, sitting on top of a gold mine, with an oil well in one's backyard; doing nicely, not having to work, clipping coupons, well-fixed, well-situated, Inf. well-heeled; born with a silver spoon in one's mouth, to the manner born; parvenu, newly rich, Fr. nouveau riche.
2. opulent, sumptuous, elegant, luxurious, lavish, splendid, glittering, magnificent.
3. abundant, ample, replete, rife, well-supplied; abounding, overflowing, full of, running over with, profuse.

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